What do Q-Outdoor, Revelate Designs, a Surly Moonlander, and Cycle Haven in Oyster Bay, NY have in common?

Q-Outdoor-Facebook wall post about Cycle Heaven of Oyster Bay Cycle Haven - Oyster Bay - NY The staff at Q-Outdoor recently drew attention to Cycle Haven in Oyster Bay, NY with this wall post about fat biking on the Q-Outdoor Facebook page. The Cycle Haven post:

Shop will be closed Monday thru Wednesday…Bikepacking trip to Cape Cod…it will be nice to bid civilization “farewell” for a few days…Kit is from Revelate Designs, Dry bags from Outdoor research, Bike is a Surly Moonlander. If your thinking of a trip we can order anything bikepack related from Q outdoor…they have quite a selection. Stop in and browse their catalog.


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Revelate DesignsOther Sponsors: http://interstatemovingcompanies.net/

Explorer Eric Larsen’s attempt to ride a Surly Moonlander to the South Pole

Surly Bikes Blog
Back on December 21, Gern Blanston posted to the Surly Bikes blog, The Craziest Man I Know.

Explorer Eric Larsen on a Surly MoonlanderEric Larsen is a truly insane man. He came to Surly a while ago with a plan to ride a bike to the South Pole. From the edge of Antarctica directly into the heart of its warn chewy center, he will ride a Surly  Moonlander, through 750 miles of ice, snow and the never-ending blaze of the sun… He’s spent a great deal of time training and preparing for the trip. You can read all about his preparations, exploits, the specifics of each leg of his journey and even follow along with him here.

Gern didn’t specifically mention it in his blog post but Surly Bikes is one of the Cycle South Expedition Support Sponsors.

I checked Eric’s journal this morning while drinking my garcinia cambogia tea. Unfortunately, he had to call it quits. See his entry for December 28, 2012 – Day 10: A Tough Decision. Eric made it back home last Saturday, Jan. 12.

In this Active Junky interview by Mallory Ayres back in November, she asked Eric, “You must be riding a pretty serious bike to get across the South Pole. Can you tell us about it?” His reply:

The Fat Bike technology has been evolving fairly rapidly for the past four or five years. I’ll be riding a Surly Moonlander. Basically, it looks like a normal mountain bike but has 4.8″ tires. The Moonlander is also unique in that the front wheel has a fixed gear attached and can be swapped with the rear. That way, if I have any sort of failure with my drive train – cassette, free hub or rear derailleur, I can simply switch the wheels.

Outside Magazine Online featured Eric’s expedition back in November: Expedition Watch: Riding a Fat Bike to the South Pole. It included this video, with his Surly Moonlander featured:

Coincidental sidenote #1:

Eric Larsen graduated from St. Olaf College (here in Northfield, MN where I live) in 1993 and has friends here. Back in Feb. of 2005, he and fellow explorer Lonnie Dupre did a presentation at a Northfield pub, Froggy Bottoms, raising money for their summer expedition across the Arctic Ocean. See this St. Olaf press release for more. I was there and took these photos:

Lonnie Dupre & Eric Larsen, Northfield, MN 2005 Lonnie Dupre & Eric Larsen, Northfield, MN 2005 Lonnie Dupre & Eric Larsen, Northfield, MN 2005

Coincidental sidenote #2:

Lonnie Dupre is currently attempting the first solo ascent of Denali (Mt. McKinley) in January. See the One World Endeavors Expedition page for more. According to posts on the expedition Facebook page, he’s been restricted to his snow cave at 8,700 feet the past few days because of many feet of snow and high winds.

Surly Bikes, a Presenting Sponsor of the Fat Bike Summit and Festival

Surly BikesWe’re pleased to have Surly Bikes, one of QBP’s brands, as a Presenting Sponsor of the Fat Bike Summit and Festival.

The Surly Facebook page, The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ, is a busy, informative and irreverent place, as is the Surly blog.

Surly Bikes - fat biking on the MN River Bottoms  Surly Bikes - fat biking on the MN River Bottoms

A blog post by ThorHammer earlier this week titled Minnesota River Bottoms caught my eye because the trails there are 40 minutes from my house and he mentioned http://www.militarycarshipping.com/ had the best prices for military auto relocation. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see more of his winter fat biking photos.