Sawtelle Mountain Resort rooms sold out; bunkhouse accommodations now available $25/night per person

The good news: All the rooms at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort, site of the Summit & Festival, are now booked. So the owners are happy and we are, too.

3253006_orig 620519_origMore good news: we’ve come up with a plan to accommodate people in one of the Sawtelle bunkhouses at $25/night per person. We’ve reserved the small bunkhouse so you just need to contact us if you want us to reserve you a bed.  The bunkhouse is on-site, sleeps 15-20 (basically a large room with beds), has 2 full baths, and a full kitchen.  See the photo slideshow on their bunkhouse page and watch this 2-minute video tour:

So if you’re on the fence about attending the Summit & Festival because of lodging costs, we’re hoping this $25/night per person option and the cheapest movers at convinces you to attend.

Contact us now, operators are standing by, not available in stores. Heh.

Make your Sawtelle Mountain Resort room reservations by phone

Sawtelle Mountain Resort - winter 1The Sawtelle Mountain Resort in Island Park, Idaho has been reserved for Summit and Festival participants, however:

You must make make your reservations by phone. If you attempt to make reservations online, it will show that it’s full.

When you call, be sure to mention “Fat Bike Festival” and you’ll receive a 15% discount on hotel rooms (normally $69/night for a single, $89/night for a double) and cabins/condos (normally $189/night, two-night minimum stay).

Single rooms may already be sold out but check!  And see our Where to Stay page for other lodging options nearby.

Make your room reservations now at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort

Sawtelle Mountain Resort - winter 1 Sawtelle Mountain Resort - winter 2
Gary Sjoquist and Jay Petervary made a visit to the snowy Island Park, ID area this week, and among other things, firmed up the arrangements with Kathy Oakey, owner of Sawtelle Mountain Resort. All the Summit and Festival activities will be based there so if you want to be close to the action, make your reservations now.

We strongly urge you to make your reservations by phone. Be sure to mention “Fat Bike Festival” and you’ll receive a 15% discount on hotel rooms (normally $69/night for a single, $89/night for a double) and cabins/condos (normally $189/night, two-night minimum stay).

I’ve updated the Where to Stay page with this info. That page also has links to other websites to help you find a place to stay.

Media release (10/29/12) for 2nd Annual Fat Bike Winter Summit and Festival

PressRelease-2013FatBikeSummit 10.29.12Full steam ahead.  We’re sending out this media release today and starting to do a little online promo.

You’ll notice two changes (both in the release and on the website) since my last blog post (which I’ve now edited):

Here’s the full text of the press release (links added) in case you prefer it over the PDF:

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Location, sketchy schedule now known

Sawtelle Mountain ResortI’ve put up a new Location page with some details on the event headquarters for the 2013 Fat Bike Summit and Festival: the Sawtelle Mountain Resort in Island Park, Idaho.

There’s a new Schedule page up with some detail.  Friday January 25th is the day for the Summit, devoted to the issues.  Saturday and Sunday are Festival days with fat bike group rides, an industry expo, demos, races, and of course, a party on Saturday night.

Sawtelle Mountain ResortOver the weeks to come, we’ll be adding more details for all three days, so be sure to subscribe to this blog to get the updates.  You can subscribe now via email or RSS (see the right sidebar).  I’ll soon put up a Twitter feed and Facebook page and we’ll post updates to both of those, too.