Ice storm causing travel problems in N. Utah but all is fine at the Summit in Island Park, ID

9ZERO7 aluminum lightweight fat bike frameYou may have seen the news: Freezing rain across N. Utah wreaks havoc on roads, sidewalks. The storm is making it difficult for some to get here. Example:

The crew from 9:ZERO:7 contacted us this morning with the bad news: they can’t get here from there (Ogden, UT). The good news: the raffle for the aluminum lightweight fat bike frame is still going to happen.

Festival demos Summit sign More good news: the Salsa, Surly, and 45Nrth demos are up, as you can see from the photo.

9:ZERO:7, a 65mm Sponsor, to raffle an aluminum lightweight fat bike frame

9:ZERO:7 aluminum lightweight fat bike frame

We got word today that 9:ZERO:7 Bikes, a new 65mm Sponsor, will be raffling an aluminum lightweight fat bike frame at the Festival.  The description begins:

The 9:ZERO:7 is crafted out of 7005 aluminum and offers a host of features to optimize your fat tire experience. Starting with an elongated head-tube and longer chain-stays, the 9:ZERO:7 features six rack mounts, three water bottle mounts, fender mounts, and full cable housing.

A non-offset, 170mm centered frame makes building up a pair of summer wheels super easy.

While featuring all of the benefits of the original 9:ZERO:7 aluminum frame, the 2013 frame utilizes a hydroformed top tube. This dramatically improves standover height without adding excess weight, making it easier to get on and off the bike in soft snow conditions. A hydroformed down tube is used to enhance fork crown clearance and allows the use of many different kinds of forks.

The chain and seat stays have been redesigned to accommodate even fatter rim and tire combinations. With the increase in clearance, the new 9:ZERO:7 easily accommodates 100mm rims. The 170mm frame is ideal for those seeking to run Big Fat Larry tires on fat rims.


9:ZERO:7 Bikes
And in case you’re wondering: 907 is the area code for Alaska.

Winter fat biking featured in Alaska Magazine

Bill FlemingThe December/January 2013 issue of Alaska Magazine features an article by Serine Halverson titled Biking the Fat-Tire Way.

She interviewed Bill Fleming (9:ZERO:7, “… about what it takes to be comfortable and safe behind the handlebars of a fat-tire bike during an Alaska winter.”

Dan BaileyThe article includes some photos by Alaska-based photographer Dan Bailey who blogged about the article in a post titled Publication: Alaska Magazine Snow Biking Feature Article. His blog post includes screenshots of the print version of the article and the table of contents as they feature his photos.  Back in Jan. of 2012, Dan blogged about how he took the photo used for the table of contents in a post titled Snow Biking Action Photography, Alaska, “the setup behind the shot.”