Skate skiers and fat bikers on the same trail: equal speeds

While this video (by Scott Brown, Mpls MN) may not display the best practices/etiquette for fat biking in winter (see the section on Best Practices for Riding on Nordic Trails), the skate skiers and fat bikers appear to know each other and are in a good-natured, informal competition.

Some land managers are concerned that fat bikers are considerably faster than skate skiers, making it unsafe for both. But the video shows that even at maximum speeds, skate skiers and fat bikers on a well-groomed, packed trail are neck and neck. And from this video, one could argue that the fat bikers look more in control than the skate skiers.

Our new video: ‘What’s up with Fat Bikes’

Some of the money donated by QBP for the 1st Fat Annual Bike Summit (see our History page for more on that) was used to hire Jake Hawkes at Gravnetic to produce a Fat Bike video. It’s now done, with help from Dave Byers, Andy Williams, Ray Spencer, Jay Petervary, and Scott Fitzgerald:

See four other videos on our Fat Biking in Winter video page.

The planning summit for the Fat Bike Summit over a bottle of Summit

Scott Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald’s Bicycles) and his whole fam damily flew into the Twin Cities on Saturday, on their way to points south. We used the occasion for a little face-to-face Fat Bike Summit & Festival planning since both Gary Sqoquist (QBP) and I live in this wonderful but currently dreary and snowless state, home of many fine local beers including Summit.

I got the two of them to put on their PR hats in the parking lot as we were about to depart. The result? A one-minute clip of marginal quality with a promise at the end: