Summit and Festival photos by Bob Allen and Estela Villasenor

Bob Allen and Estela Villasenor of Bob Allen Images took these photos of the Summit on Friday and the Festival on Saturday:

Race photos by Caren Ware

Caren WareCaren Ware and her Prime Time Timing Company (ITz ABOUT TIME) provided the timing services for the Fat Bike Winter Summit races.

She also graciously sent us 17 of her photos from that day.

Thanks, Caren!

Photos: Saturday Festival

Tim Young,Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways, sent these photos of today’s Festival, including the racer meeting, clinic, raffle, awards, dinner, and of course, beer drinking. Heavy snow overnight required the Rippin’ 60K race to be run as an Expert class on the Chillin’ 25K course.”

Tim wrote this about those bottom three photos above:

Anna Laxague, IMBA Northwest Regional Director on her first Fat Bike ride with Gary Sjoquist and I. Someday we may look back on this as a pivotal moment in Fat Biking…or at least look back on a good bike ride😉

Photos: Friday Summit

Tim Young,Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways, sent these photos of yesterday’s Summit.

Photos from 2012 Summit; new photo banners

Joe Meiser, Product Design Manager at QBP (Quality Bicycle Products), attended last year’s Summit and took a bunch of photos that he’s given us to use on the site. See his album on the Photo album 2012 page.

I took several of Joe’s photos, plus a couple from Tim Young, Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways in Wilson, WY, and made some photo banners that display randomly at the top of the site. Thanks, gents!